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Manual Firefox Add-on installation

If you have a PC with internet connection this is mostly not required for this kind of add-on installation unless you are specifically trying to do so. I am intending users without an internet connection who wishes to install the add-ons in their Firefox.

The assumption here is you are downloading the add-on from web and using the same file in your PC, which is not connected to web.

You can save an add-on to your PC using the following steps:

1. Locate the Firefox add-on that you wish to install in your Firefox.

2. After locating it, the add-on will have a ‘Add to Firefox’ button associated with it.

3. Right-click on it and select ‘Save Link As…’ context menu item.

4. Save the xpi file in your preferred location. After that you can copy it to a thumb drive/CD/Floppy, etc

5. Open the Firefox on the machine in which you want to install this add-on.

6. Drag and drop the xpi file from thumb drive/CD/Floppy, etc to the opened Firefox browser.

7. Press the ‘Install’ and restart the Firefox.

8. It would be wise to install one add-on at a time

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