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Recently I have been working a lot with JSON. I personally prefer this format over any other data format and try to use this one if that is possible. During one of my tests the result was a big chunk of JSON. The size comes around 800KB. As this was a browser based operation the size was quite big. The real trouble was from my server, which is a Lotus Domino Server the JSON comes as unformatted.

I was having difficulties in identifying the structure of the JSON and thought of format the JSON. Initially I have tried it with Einars’s Online JavaScript Beautifier. This is an excellent tool and I am a great fan of it. But this time the browser just crashed (Firefox 3.0.10) and I had to reopen it.

The reason was clear and I have tried to use Aptana Studio for the formatting purpose. I was pretty sure that Aptana will freeze and I was correct at that too. I was looking for a tool (non-browser based) for the JSON formatting and found this small tool – Tidy JSON developed in C# that does the formatting for me. This is a console application and you can redirect your formatted JSON to the screen itself, to the file or to the printer.

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